Grinding Wheel For CNC Tool Grinder

CNC Tools Grinding Machine with a very excellent Stability and high flexibility, it’s requirement for the Diamond & CBN grinding wheel for CNC machine with high efficient grinding, good wear resistance ,good shape retention and high material removal rate . More Super hard 's superabrasive grinding wheel for CNC tool grinder is used for tungsten carbide, high speed steel (HSS), stainless drill ,end mill and reamer.
We will provide a complete solution for CNC tools manufacturing process, including fluting, gashing & Clear edge, relief angle grinding .

Examples of possible grinding wheels combinations:
CNC tools grinder: Walter, ANCA, EWAG, Farman, Schutte, Schneeberger, Makino, Stuer, Strausak, Cininnati, Griffo, Huffmann, Jungner, CUOGHI, Fehlmann and so on.     

In addition More Superhard Products Co,.Ltd  also supplies silicon carbide wheel for dressing CNC grinding wheel.
Dressing machines: Cleveland , Farman
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