Grinding Wheels For Woodworking Tools

Diamond & CBN grinding wheels for woodworking tools with high efficiency, durability, good sharpening, making workpiece a good flatness and roughness.

The diamond & CBN grinding wheel for woodworking industry are mainly used for top,face and side grinding the circular saw blades and band saws made of tungsten carbide,high speed steel,cermet and PCD;processing woodwork drills and mills.
1. Diamond wheels for circular saws ( tungsten carbide and ceramet )

There parts grinding : face, top and side

Workpiece: carbide teeth

Bond:  resin bond    

Abrasive: diamond

Grinder: Vollmer, Woodtronic, Akemat, Widma and so on.
2. Wheels for profile grinding 

Type: 14A1, 14F1

Workpiece: carbide teeth

Grinder: profile grinders

Grit: 120#,240#,320#,500#......
3. Diamond wheels for PCD circle saws

3A1 diamond wheel for grinding two sides; 12A2 diamond wheel for grinding top.

Bond : vitrified bond.

Abrasive: diamond

Grinder: Vollmer.
4. CBN wheels for cold saw
Type: 14F1, 14A1
Specification: D150mm, D200mm;  Rim depth: 5-10mm;  Thickness: 0.3-4mm
Application: fluting and face grinding for HSS saws and cold saws.
( * Note: we can design and produce grinding wheels of specification according to the customers requirement. )
MeanwhileMore Superhard Products Co,.Ltd  also supplies CBN Grinding Wheel For Band Saw BladesDiamond saw blades ; D4A2-1 resin diamond wheel for narrower gullets saw.
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